-We live in a world where more than half of the pastors in have no training in the word.

What We Do

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At TPI we strive to train pastors in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, by holding week long pastoral training institues. 

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What We're Doing

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Training the Trainers

A key obstacle in fulfilling Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all nations” is the critical lack of trained pastoral leaders in the countries of the Majority World. Most of these pastors do not know how to preach the Word of God and establish churches in their own countries simply because they have never been trained.

Training Pastors International (TPI) is an international ministry training program devoted to training national pastors throughout the world. We seek to partner with individuals and churches in the United States who are interested in helping to train these pastors. We take U.S. pastors on short-term mission trips to strategic locations around the world, where we partner with national, indigenous leaders to conduct pastoral training institutes.

The main purpose of the training program is to train as many pastors non-formally as possible in each country with the ultimate goal that every church would have a trained pastoral leader. This goal involves the following three objectives:

  • The Gospel for every person
  • A Church for every people
  • A Trained Pastoral Leader for every church